Monday, June 18, 2012

Random musings

Oh...It just don't seem to be ending...really..yeah..

If you are wondering of what i'm talking about, it is work. Yes. I've started working part time and most of my little left over time is going to it and thus my sabbatical from writing this blog.

I've been trying new recipes at home of late, but couldn't just post them because of my tight schedule. Took so many photos of my recipes and i'm yet to sort them out and write the recipe and attach the respective pic to it. This work, i recently took up, just seem to be unending at all.

I follow a handful of blogs (read FOOD Blogs) and i really wonder how they manage to post some or the other posts regularly. These girls must be having such a boundless energy to do it all. I really admire these people a lot and their work too. There is Nags of cooking and me, there is Maria of flavorsofmumbai and there is nithi from 4thsensecooking (to name a few) but there are a lot more out there who manages all and post consistently. Especially, this Nithi and Maria, these girls just don't seem to stop at nothing. Their recipes (and photos as well) need a special attention.

I tried to think of the reasons about my on and off blogging but couldn't put the blame on one. They must be organized or they must be more dedicated or they must be having more time. What ever be the reason, they are a bunch of dedicated bloggers and i just love looking their blogs and spending my time reading them. And i forgot to mention, i get inspired from their work (literally everyday) and i feel happy to visit their blogs everyday.

I just didn't get the balance of working and writing and home managing and baby sitting in a single day, i guess. Not that i'm less dedicated, but i don't find enough time to sit and write. The moment i sit in front of my laptop, my daughter comes asking for her favorite rhymes and songs on youtube or somebody calls me for something or my hubby is busy taking calls (and so my dear daughter is free from his clutches ;-) ) etc.,

I hope, after finishing my current assignment, i will sure try to be a little more organised write regularly.

Until then....


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  1. Thanks Ushashree for your lovely words and all the best being a mother one of toughest job to do :)