Saturday, May 19, 2012

Choco & Biscuit Fudge (without cooking or baking)

Hey there,

Its been so long since i wrote my last post. Was too busy with newly took up Part time assignment. That didn't stop me from cooking new dishes in the kitchen though. But, couldn't find time to write the same. This particular recipe was from Nags cookingandme. In fact, i tried this recipe a month before and it came out very very nice. I just did as she told except one ingredient.
I prepared this recipe, when my nephew's came to my place. And they were asking me to do something special. Believe me, It is so awesome and got over in a jiffy. I couldn't even take the snaps. Somehow, i managed to click a few of them. Here is the recipe.


Milk maid - 1/2 tin
Marie biscuits - 1 pkt
Dairymilk Hot chocolate powder - 2 tbsp (since it is a sweetened powder, i didn't use the sugar as told by Nags)
Butter - 50 gms
Nuts - 100 gms cashew/almond/raisin OR ALL


Grease a plate with butter and keep it aside
Take the marie biscuits in to a ziplock cover and crush them using a rolling pin.

Take a large mixing bowl and add Marie biscuit crumble to it.

Add Hot chocolate powder to it and mix it well. (You can add more powder if you want)

Then add nuts & butter to the mixture. (Butter should be at room temperature)

Finally, add the milk maid gradually to the mixture while mixing it thoroughly. The consistency should not become loose or runny.

Mix thoroughly to let both dry and wet ingredients fold in to each other.

Then transfer the contents in to the greased plate and freeze it for an hour. After an hour, take the plate out of the fridge and cut the fudge in to pieces. (I've sprinkled some sugar and cocoa powder on top of the plate and that's the reason, it is looking dry in the above picture)

And here is the snap of the same.

Since i have used big plate i got very thin pieces of the same. This is so yummy and tasty and both my nephew's loved it and finished it instantly.

i hope you like the recipe and post. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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