Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nannari Sharbat

Whenever i have this cool drink, my memories go back to my childhood. This particular drink has a special place in my childhood memories which i cherish the most. Nannari (it is called so at my native place) is also called Sugandha water (at my grandma's place). The first time i had this drink was long ago in the 1990's at my grand mother's place, Kavali. 

We used to pack for the vacation in advance and start on the very first day of the holidays to this beautiful place called Musunur in Nellore dist. Kavali, AP. We would go to the Railway station and catch the Krishna Express in the early morning and reach Kavali by 9.30 AM. From Kavali town, we had to take a share auto or a special auto to reach home in our small village (Musunur) nearby. Before we get in to the Auto, my grand father would buy us this drink at a shop near Railway station. 

He used to wait in the Railway station for us and we could see him standing on the platform from the window of our bogie and wave to him until the train stopped. We could also see his eyes pop wide open and his teeth less mouth get a small curve with a smile, immediately after seeing us. It felt like, as if he was waiting for us, standing there, from so many days. It is true indeed (except for the 'standing there' part). My grandma and grandpa used to wait for us through out the year and we were treated like kings & queens. 

Even at my native place Tirupati, me and my sister used to go to a shop where it is always bustling with a long que of people for this drink. I still remember, even a few years before too, we went there and bought this same juice from the shop after a tiring shopping session. We just ran there and had this juice and it felt out of this world.

Hmmm...nostalgia. Okay, lets come to the present day and to this recipe. We get the concentrated solution of this nannari juice from shops. My father has brought this concentrated juice bottle for me as i like it very much. This has to be mixed with lemon juice and water / soda . But i found an alternative and here is the same. This is a  pretty simple drink, so i didn't take the photographs. :-)


Nannari sharbat (concentrate liquid) 
7up soda 

Take a tall glass tumbler and pour 3 tbsps of Nannari Juice (concentrate) in to it.
Then fill the glass with chilled 7 up soda up to 3/4th of the glass.
Mix it well with a spoon. 

Thats it. The great Nannari alias Sugandha water sharbat is ready. Generally this is mixed with half lemon juice and soda. But i'm too lazy to go buy a lemon and squeeze and mix it. I ran out of lemons at home. So, I found one 7up in the fridge and i made this easier.

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