Monday, March 19, 2012

Puffed rice Upma

Oflate i'm becoming a regular on blogosphere and i appreciate it very much and expect to do it more and more often. Puffed rice is one recipe, i bet, would never and ever go wrong. No matter how you do, it taste awesome.
  • Mix it with chutney podi or a spicy tadka with chillies & nuts, make an amazing tea time snack.
  • Cook it with onions, tomato as an upma suffice for a light dinner. 
  • Little amount of shredded onions, carrot, some sweet and sour sauses mixed with puffed rice turns out to be a tasty and yummy chat.
  • Just munching them, as it is would become a hassle free quick snack.

I just love this puffed rice so much so that, i would have it in any form. Today, FIL has brought some of them from the vendor and i thought of using it for Upma as dinner and so i put it here too.


 Oil - 4 tbsp
Cumin seeds - 1 tbsp
Chanadal - 2 tbsp

Urad dal - 2 tbsp
Chillis - 8 to 10 (we love very spicy food)
Curry leaves - few
Onions - 2 cut length wise
Carrot - 2 small shredded / grated
Tomato - 1 finely chopped
Salt - as per the taste
Sugar - 1tsp

Red chilli powder - 1 tsp (optional)
Dhania powder - 2 tsp
Puffed rice - 6 cups
Roasted ground nut seeds powder 4 tbsp
Coriander leaves


Keep a large frying pan on the stove and heat the oil.
Add Cumin seeds, chanadal, urad dal.
Once they started crackling, add chillis, curry leaves and fry them for few seconds.

As the chillis turn their color, add onions and saute them till they become translucent.

Add carrot and tomato and saute them for 2 to 3 mins. Keep mixing.

 Then add Salt, sugar, dhania powder and chilli powder.
Mix it once with a ladle.
Soak the Puffed rice in a big bowl of water for 5 seconds.

 Transfer the puffed rice in to a strainer.
Press the rice with your hands to squeeze out all the water and add it to the frying pan.

Mix with a ladle and now reduce the flame to low.
Keep the lid on it and let it cook for few minutes on a low flame.

Lastly, add groundnut seeds powder and coriander leaves to the puffed rice.

Switch off the flame and leave the frying pan with a lid on it for few mins.
Transfer the contents to a serving bowl and serve hot.

Since it already has enough masala to it, there is no need to have a side dish for this.
Tastes good and less spicy when it is taken with curd.

Sprinkle some Mixture, or kara boondi or smashed chips on it for a crunchier version.
Add ground nut seeds or cashewnuts while giving tadka (if you want)
Shredded capsicum can also be used along with other veggies.

Here is the final picture of the same.

And now, that is for me. I'm gonna enjoy my cup of puffed rice. It has become perfect and delicious. You better try and find out. I better go and hit the bed now, its already half past 1.00 am...and less than 6 hrs sleep is left for me...
Bye for now..

Thank you


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