Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fruit Kesari Halwa

The first time i tasted this was way back in 2003 in my cousin's wedding and had extra servings of the same. Usually, i'd tasted this item mostly in weddings (including mine). yeah, i've asked the caterers for this item very particularly and i'm more than happy that they obliged.

I vaguely remember the process of preparing it, which i got from the chef (of my wedding caterer) and i tried to reproduce the same. I've prepared this item for the festival UGADI on 23/03/12. My festival menu was Mamidikaya pulihora (Mango Puliogare), saggubiyyam vadalu (sabudana vada) and Fruit Kesari halwa.

And needless to say, the Halwa is the hot favorite for all the family members. It has come out good and looked decent with enough sweetness. I've used pineapple, apple, green grapes for the sweet along with cashews, almonds. But, i didn't get the same taste as my caterer's recipe. I've used very limited amount of ghee and this could be one of the reasons, for the difference in taste, i believe. And here is the recipe. Since i was busy with other festival related works, couldn't click the step by step pictures and before i could take a snap, everything was over and so couldn't get even the final picture.


Sooji rawa - 1 cup
Hot water - 3 .5 cups
Sugar - 1.5 cups
Fruits (Apple, pineapple and Green grapes) - 1.5 cup (cut in to tiny pieces)
Ghee - 5 to 6 tbsps


Take 3 cups of water in to large bowl and put it on the stove for heating.
Heat 2 tbsps of Ghee in another heavy bottomed pan.
Fry Rawa in the ghee for 3 to 5 mins or until the raw smell is gone.
By now, the water would have heated / boiled enough. switch off the flame.
Pour the hot water in to the rawa (frying pan). keep on stirring the ladle while doing this so as to avoid any lumps in the final output.
Note: Rduce the flame of frying pan while doing this.
Let the water and rawa mix well. Keep stirring and let the rawa cook completely.
Once the rawa is cooked, add 1 cup of sugar and let it dissolve and get incorporated well in to the rawa.
Add 2 tbsps full of ghee and mix well with a ladle.
Take off the stove and keep the mixture aside.

In another pan, heat 2 tbsps of ghee and fry the cashews and almonds.
When they turn to brown colour, take off the pan and keep it aside.
Add the pieces of fruit to the ghee and saute them for a while.
Then add half cup of sugar and sprinkle water (about 3 tblsp) to it.
Let the fruits cook in the sugar syrup for a while (until you get the strings from sugar syrup when poured down with a ladle).
Take off the stove and mix the fruits & syrup with the halwa.

Put the pan on to the stove once again and add the fruits and sugar syryp to the halwa and mix well.
Add cashewnuts and almonds and mix well.
Transfer the contents to  a serving bowl and serve hot.

This is what i did and it tasted like Heaven. Yep, really, like heaven bcoz, it has got sweet and sweet and sweet all over it.
So, time to say bye..



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