Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spicy Masala Oats

Hey ya..

February was too busy a month because, there was so much  shopping, travelling, functions etc was there. All  because of my dear cousin's wedding which is due on 24th Feb this year.

Pre and post wedding preps ate all my time as i was busy shopping and travelling and so i was MIA (Missing in the Action) all this while. You must be wondering as to "why i'd to take such a long break for cousin's wedding?" Because, the wedding was in New Delhi and the reception was in Vizag and i've to attend both the functions.
And i'd a great fun and good time with all my cousins and relatives after so long.

Now i'm coming out of the post wedding - travelling sickness slowly and started my kitchen adventures. Let us get in to that now. I've bought a small packet of Safola masala oats, when i was getting my regular grocery but i got too busy since then and i forgot about it completely. Today i found that small packet when i was searching for something else and decided to use it.

Since it is something really new for me and don't know how it would taste, i wanted to go by the instructions given on the pack. The pack has some regular instructions to use some water, masala oats and veggies (optional) with little oil. Once i started making it, i've added few things on my own (you see, i just can't go by instructions). Anyway, done the recipe successfully and it came out well. The color and consistency was so good. When it comes to taste, it would have tasted very bland, had i not added those extra ingredients of my own while preparing it. So, i'm glad that i added them.

Here goes the recipe...

Masala Oats - Saffola

A small packet of Saffola Masala oats
Water 250 ml
Length wise thinly cut onion 1
2 chillies cut length wise
Pinch of salt
Coriander finely chopped
1 Tbsp Oil


Heat oil in a pan and add chillies and onions and saute them for a while.

Once the onion become transparent, add water and let it boil.

Add a pinch of salt.
Empty the Saffola masala oats packet and add it to the boiling water.

Mix it well with a ladle and cook it for 3 minutes on a medium flame while stirring occasionally.

Take the pan off the stove and add chopped coriander.

Transfer the masala oats in to a serving bowl and garnish with coriander.

1. Though i've added two chillies, it didn't get spicy enough for me. So for a small packet, you can add 4 chillies for extra spicyness. For those who want it to be mild and less spicy, 1 or 2 is good enough.
2. And also it is necessary to add salt so that it enhances the taste. They haven't mentioned to add salt in the instructions but i've added and a pinch of salt should do good.
3. Add more veggies of your choice and i'm sure it tastes fabulous.

It is very easy to make and can be customized as per our taste without much fuss. Unlike the Oats porridge we regularly use, the taste is yummy and great and not to forget, it is healthy. So, i'm gonna buy a large pack of it and make this often with different variations.And when i do the same, i'm gonna let you all know too.

Try it and i bet you will like this a lot. 



  1. awesome. do you know where can we get masala oats in usa??

    1. @Prakash - Nope..i absolutely have no idea.