Monday, January 23, 2012

Banana Walnut Muffin

A Muffin!!!!!!!! Yeah...ever since my cake was a success, i've become very passionate about baking and been trying new and new recipes. Now i came up with this Banana walnut muffin. It's a surprise because this is my first and it came out great (OK..  to be frank, its not great but good though). I just did a test drive of the same and checked how they would come, so i didn't take the pictures while doing it.

Despite being shapeless, they tasted so yummy and felt soft, fluffy and sweet from inside. I didn't have muffins tray with me so i had to make them in the muffin paper liners. Because of this, they didn't sit firmly in place and didn't get the shape.

As i didn't use adequate baking powder and baking soda, the muffins didn't raise much. I learnt this after seeing the output. The other thing which contributed for the bad shape is that, it is made directly using the paper liners (without muffin tray or molds) in the microwave.

Coming to the recipe, i've searched online for eggless muffins and i happened to see so many blogs and read a lot. I read a lot such that, i got confused to follow any one method. One say to use milk and milk cream and one say to use canola oil and the other say to use white vinegar blah blah. After all this, i thought to go by my instinct this time and made this.

Ingredients i've used
Butter 35gms
Maida 1 cup
Baking powder 1 tsp (i used half tsp and endup with flat cupcakes ;-()
Baking soda 1 tsp (Ditto)
Powdered sugar 3/4 cup
Mashed bananas (large green ones) One and a half
Chopped walnuts 3 tblspns
Oil and Milk 2 tsp each
Vinegar and Soda 1 tsp each

And this is how i made use of the above ingredients:

Mix Maida, Baking powder and Baking soda together and sift together. Keep it aside.
Take the softened butter and add powdered sugar to it and mix thoroughly.
Add Oil and Milk to the butter & sugar mixture.
Add Maida to the butter and sugar mixture and mix well.
Now add mashed bananas, and walnuts, tutti fruity (optional) to the batter.
Take Vinegar and aerated soda 1 tsp each and mix well in to the batter.

Thats it..the batter is ready now. Fill the muffin liners with this batter up to 3/4 of its height (so that it will raise).
Place the cups in a microwave safe plate and microwave them for 2 mins at 80% power.
Again microwave them for 30 seconds at 100% power.
Microwave again for 30 seconds at 100% power if they are not done yet.
Repeat this until the toothpick comes out clean when you prick at the centre.

The batter should be of dropping ball consistency.
The total microwave cooking should not go beyond three and a half minute for these muffins. so first do it 2 mins at 80% and check. If it is not done yet, repeat 30 seconds at 100 % power at a time until it is done.

My efforts have not gone waste and it came so tasty and yummy. Though i've to work to get a more simpler version, i patted myself for making this yummy cupcake. It was received well by my family and especially my KID.

This looks and tastes too good to believe the fact, that it is made by me (a novice in baking).

Next time when i do Muffins, will come up with photos for sure. 

I hope you like the Beta version of "My Muffins" and i assure that the next release will be a bug free version with so many options ;-)

Thanks for your patience and have a great day!!


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