Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby corn & Capsicum Sabzi

Whooo..i'm back after a gap. Everytime i start my blog, write one or two posts and then disappear. This has happened twice. So when i take a break to my blogging i will eventually end up discontinuing. But this time i did not let that happen. Though i was very busy with my lovely kiddo's Birthday party and Ayush homam with so many relatives and friends visiting us, finally i made it today. All the hustle bustle went down and our lives became to normalcy only a few days before.

Today my FIL has bought a bunch of babycorn from the vendor. It's a surprise. Yeah! surprise and strange, because there are few veggies which are brought to home on my insistence for trying  new recipes. I will experiment on them and my family has to taste it inevitably. 

Sometimes i do not get them properly. Though the recipe has become shapeless and colorless, i always manage to get the taste right.