Saturday, July 16, 2011

An Inspiration

Since my childhood days i've been a voracious reader who read books, magazines, novels etc., In the process of growing up, i graduated myself from reading "in print" to "on the net". I always wanted to try my hand in creative writing but never succeeded. I was unsure of what to write and how to write, until i wrote this post. As this is my first post and says "An Inspiration" on the title, i should tell you how it started.  

I'm an avid reader and i browse the net a lot in my free time. A few days back, when i was searching for a recipe on the net, my eyes caught fancy of few food blogs. Being a real foodie and ever experimenting cook, I found those blogs very informative and liked them a lot. Since then, it has become my favorite pastime to search for food blogs and read recipes from different cuisines.  And finally, one fine morning i've decided to share my little known knowledge in recipes and my cooking experiments through my blog.

So my "Thanks" to the owners of food blogs

And here i start my journey of writing "My way of cooking".


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