Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Curry Powder - Koora podi alias Mirappodi

Curry Powder aka Mirappodi is one of the main ingredients used for making curries at my MIL's place. This powder is used as seasoning for curries like Aloo, Brinjal, Carrot, Beetroot, Capsicum, Drumstick, Ladies finger, Ridgegourd, Yam,  etc., We use this powder for almost all the vegetables. 
Let me tell you one fantastic thing about this powder. This powder comes in handy whenever i've no mood or no time to do Chutney for Idly, Dosa, Upma and even for Pongal. Take 4 Table spoons of this powder add a pinch of salt and mix it with Water, Curd, Oil or Ghee to prepare a paste. 2 mins of preparation and your side dish is ready.
So its a Miracle powder which you can use in almost any recipe to enhance the taste.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

An Inspiration

Since my childhood days i've been a voracious reader who read books, magazines, novels etc., In the process of growing up, i graduated myself from reading "in print" to "on the net". I always wanted to try my hand in creative writing but never succeeded. I was unsure of what to write and how to write, until i wrote this post. As this is my first post and says "An Inspiration" on the title, i should tell you how it started.